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Arrogant, Dishonest, and Smelly – The Young Steve Jobs

I’m 11 percent into Steve Jobs’ biography that was released October 24th. 11%; a digital distinction, one that could not have occurred without the leadership of one Steve Jobs – at least according to Steve. In truth, that is not a claim he makes in the book. However, he does claim that without his knowledge, […]

Live Blog: Apple’s iPhone 5 Announcement

A minute by minute live blog of Apple’s October 4th, 2011 iPhone 4S announcement. Obviously the name iPhone 5 was a misnomer in retrospect. But that’s OK, I’m writing this except description after the fact.

Apple Event – Expect to See 2 New Devices

The iPhone 4 has honestly, run its course.  In terms of numbers, it did extremely well.  As per Apple’s norm, it has become the most widely sold Smartphone is existence.  However, it had its share of issues.  Antenna troubles, call failures and network issues.  A lot has changed in Smartphone marketplace the last year with […]

Reckless Getaway iPhone Game Review

Reckless Getaway by Polarbit sets a new bar for excellence in 2D/3D driving on the App Store. The game revolves around you dodging cops and obstacles yet the real fun comes by destroying your surroundings. As the getaway car for a bank robbery…

Ice Tales HD

Ice Tales HD is a retro action puzzler game where you play as Pendleton, a penguin that has been wrongfully placed in the middle of nowhere. You job is to keep Pendleton alive and get him home by collecting various objects but more importantly, by avoiding certain objects…

Ticket to Ride

My first impressions of Ticket to Ride were not good. The menu graphics seemed hokey; they are all still-frames that look like oil paintings. Once you tap on a link to another menu the next menu slides in to frame. This whole time the train conductor is voicing over each screen with the options that you have just activated…


I’m embarrassed to say that there is a game on my iPhone that has sat there for months. Literally. I received it to review and it got accidentally thrown into a folder never to be seen again. Until now. Not only is that game worth playing but quite frankly, it’s fantastic. I present to you, Quell.

Tiny Wings Cheats, Hints and Unlockables for iPhone and iPod Touch

Fever Mode Cheat During level 1, get into Fever Mode and launch the bird into the clouds. While in the clouds, lock your iPhone or iPod Touch and wait 1 minute… Then unlock your iDevice and come back to the game. You will have beat the 34s Fever Mode achievement. Or, if that doesn’t work […]

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