Archive for June, 2012

A Memorial for Standalone GPS Units – Death by iPhone and Galaxy Nexus

Mobile devices like the iPhone and Android’s Galaxy Nexus already handle GPS better than nearly any standalone device did in the past and better yet…

Apple’s iOS 6 – Underwhelming Yet Useful

There are some nice things, for certain, but a lot of people may be left wanting more.

Prometheus Shows Lost’s Lindelof Hasn’t Gained Ability to Complete a Story

What is with this guy?  Questions abound in the new Prometheus movie just as this did with the ending of Lost.  And unlike Lost, which was never intended to have such a long story arc and the writers continuously needed to create new questions and problems for the survivors, the story of Prometheus is self […]

Apple’s iOS Losing its Luster – Needs Re-imagining with iOS 6

iOS 6 needs to really be something entirely different. While the look and feel of the iOS on an iPhone and Touch is still nice, on the iPad is simply looks..

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