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Cut the Rope Cheats and Achievements

Tummy Tester Achievement For this Achievement you’ll need Om Nom to open his mouth 10 times in a row. Select Level 1, Cardboard Box and select level 4 of the Cardboard box. Cut the Top, Left and Bottom rope at the same time, leaving only the right rope. The candy will dangle and Om Nom […]

Infinity Blade Cheats and Hints – 12 Keys to Winning

These cheats and hints come straight from the developers that made Infinity Blade. 1 – Learn how to use combos! You can also mix any of these up by starting with Right/Down/Up and changing the relative direction in the pattern and learn how to do a 5-hit combo! Left, Right, Left = Huge Hit (Does […]

SimCity iPhone and iPod Touch Cheat Codes

Cheating in SimCity is easy and fun. To activate the cheat keyboard, simply load up a saved game or a new city and shake your iDevice. Then use the following cheats below: Recycling plant, waste to energy incinerator and normal incinerator – Enter “garbage in, garbage out” as a code. High tech industries – Enter […]

Angry Birds iPhone and and iPod Touch Cheat Codes

Golden Egg levels In order to unlock these Golden Egg’s, complete the indicated task Golden Egg level 1: Get three stars in every level in Worlds 4 and 5. Golden Egg level 2: Tap the sun in the level selection screen. Golden Egg level 3: Watch the credits, then tap the Golden Egg at the […]

Sims 3 Money Cheat Code for iPhone and iPod Touch

The cheat you Sims 3 fans have been waiting for has been added to The Sims 3 latest update on the App Store. Simply download the newest update (version 1.2.13) and do the following to get a ton of cash. From there do it as many times as you need to get the cash you need to do whatever you want to do in the sim gaming world.

GTA: Chinatown Wars iPhone/iPod Cheats Part 3

Rockstar announced the 3rd and final release of Cheats for their iPhone/iPod Touch blockbuster on February 3rd. We have them for you here. If you missed part one or two of GTA: CW iPhone/iPod Touch Cheats, you might want to take a peak at those as well…

gta: cw iphone

Grand Theft Auto: CW Cheat Codes Part 2

Part 2 of Rockstar Games GTA: Chinatown Wars iphone/iPod cheats have arrived.
This set of Chinatown Wars “Player Cheats” will garner you additional cash, armor, health, wanted level fluctuation and a special weapon…

GTA: Chinatown iPhone and iPod Touch Cheat Codes

Not usually something I would post but there seems to be a lot of curiosity about them. These were taken from Rockstar’s website.

Weapon Cheats

Weapon cheat 1 – LOADOA
Grants: grenade, nightstick, pistol, minigun, assault, micro smg, stubby shotgun
Weapon cheat 2 – LOADOB
Grants: molotov, teaser, dual pistols, flamethrower, carbine, smg, dual-barrel
Weapon cheat 3 – LOADOC
Grants: mine, chainsaw, revolver, flamethrower, carbine, smg, dual-barrel…

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