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The Secret Society Android Review

If you enjoy hidden item games, The Secret Society is a great example of one done well.  The locales are beautiful – even on my older Moto X and the music is very well done.  The one thing that you may hold against the game is that much like the rest if the mobile market […]

Reckless Getaway iPhone Game Review

Reckless Getaway by Polarbit sets a new bar for excellence in 2D/3D driving on the App Store. The game revolves around you dodging cops and obstacles yet the real fun comes by destroying your surroundings. As the getaway car for a bank robbery…


I’m embarrassed to say that there is a game on my iPhone that has sat there for months. Literally. I received it to review and it got accidentally thrown into a folder never to be seen again. Until now. Not only is that game worth playing but quite frankly, it’s fantastic. I present to you, Quell.


To say that TITUS is unusual may do it a disservice. Sometimes the very adjective, unusual, leads to negativity. No such thoughts should occur when loading up TITUS. Instead it is a uniquely refreshing game in a genre that is all too often, underrepresented in the App Store. For that alone, I say well done Christophe Canon, who developed the game…

Baseball Superstars II Pro

Baseball Superstars II Pro ups the ante on an already strong iOS series. Though the game is incredibly similar to the previous iterations by GAMEVIL, it adds just enough additional features, content and modes to be worth the money regardless if you have the previous versions…

iOOTP Baseball

Fans of baseball, rejoice! A baseball game has finally arrived for the iPhone that doesn’t take just quick flicks of a finger to be successful but instead rewards thinking on your feet and making good decisions in the role of a GM or Manager of a major league club. iOOTP is built on the same simulation engine of the world’s best selling baseball simulation, Out Of The Park baseball (OOTP).

Death Rally

I remember playing RC Pro Am for the NES for hours at a time when I was younger. If you aren’t familiar, it was a racing game that gave you the added ability to upgrade your vehicle with weapons, nitro, a better engine and more. It was entirely awesome. Even now I’ll open up the old NES emulator and play it…

Final Fantasy III

With Final Fantasy III, Square Enix has done it. They have finally released both a fairly modern RPG for the iPhone and also destroyed the $10 line to become the most expensive mainstream game ever sold on the App Store. At $15.99, Square Enix is telling us that Final Fantasy III is a premium product…

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