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Cody Sharp

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Click here for today’s live coverage of the iPhone iPad event.

I have be silent up until now about the upcoming announcement by Apple.  I didn’t and still don’t think there is much of anything anyone can add to all of the rumors coming out about everyone’s favorite Cupertino company.  That is except Steve Jobs who is apparently going to be giving his presentation around 10 AM PST/1 PM ET tomorrow.  Will Apple announce an iPad or iSlate?  iDon’t know (puns are so fun).  What I do know is that I doubt this device is going to change the face of the world as we know it.  Hmm…a device that is 7 or 8 inches in size that doesn’t fit in your pocket.  I thought we were eliminating additional devices, not adding to the list.  That means that unless you can roll it up, you can add it to the list of things you carry around with you every day,   Personally, I can’t see myself taking it anywhere because I don’t carry a laptop bag everyday anymore and I am not going to start in order to have a new game system/app/reading device.

One thing is for sure.  The announcement needs to be huge.  Even Jobs 50 Billion (“…if you annualize our quarterly revenue”) number means nothing to the analysts if tomorrow’s announcement does not meet expectations.  So for Jobs sake, I hope they are able to come up huge.  To tell you the truth, I wish they stood up there tomorrow and said that they would be releasing OS 4.0 for the iPhone.  It will now include multitasking.  That is all I care about.  Then again, I guess I’m not the target market for a $400, 8 inch tablet that you can draw on.

Rest assured, we will keep you updated about all of the exciting things coming out of Cupertino tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll even get my multitasking.  One can dream, right?

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