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2:19 PM ET – Pricing announced – Starting at $499  –  Still a bit high in my opinion since this really isn’t a necessity for anyone.

Read on for how we get to this price.

iPad pic with steve jobs

Looking like a giant iPhone/iPod, the iPad is pictures above with Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Grant Theft Auto :Chinatown Wars would be pretty sweet on this thing.

iPad pic with steve jobs

Steve showing the iPad’s thin frame.

iPad pic large

It literally is a big iPhone/iPod Touch.  No extra buttons?

Jobs just quoted iPad specs – “It’s 0.5-inches thin, weighs just 1.5 pounds. Thinner and lighter than any netbook. 9.7-inch IPS” display.”  1 Ghz processo – will come with flash memory of 16, 32 or 64 GB and the biggest thing – Jobs is claiming it has a 10 hour battery life!


Virtually every app will be able to run straight out of the box.    Jobs said, “We built the iPad to run virtually every one of these apps unmodified right out of the box. We can do that in two ways — do it with pixel for pixel accuracy in a black box, or we can pixel-double and run them in full-screen”.

nfs shift ipad

We will be continuing to update as details come out.

snowcross ipad

SnowCross shown on iPad

NOVA shown in full screen, optomized for the iPad.  Some attendees are reporting it to be choppy though.  Maybe while Gameloft optimizes the fps, they can work on its horrible story.

nova ipad

NFS: Shift being shown next.  Who wants to bet these optimized versions of games will cost far moe than $9.99. Otherwise companies like ea would be eating away their profits on other systems.

nfs shift ipad

nfs shift ipad

Apple also announced a new app that will deliver books digitally, iBooks.  Screenshot below shows how you will keep track of your book purchases.

ipad ibooks

2:13 PM ET – Jobs reports that every model will have Wi Fi and some will even include 3g (alright! a mobile plan (eye roll).  250 MB per month for $14.99 and unlimited data for $29.99 on AT&T network.

2:17 PM ET – 3g models are unlocked – GSM only.  Technically that means T-Mobile will work  as well? No contract with AT&T – prepaid.

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