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Josh Cox

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the wall iphone

Price: $.99

Publisher: Xiotex Studios

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Editor’s note: We don’t review apps but once in a while one comes along that is too good to pass up. So, we’re not reviewing it but we sure they heck want to tell you about it.  The basics.  Anywhere you go, write on TheWall.  Whatever you want.  That note will be there for anyone else using the wall when they come to that destination.  No usernames, no passwords; just the program using your GPS and other user’s experiences.  Without further ado, Josh Cox writes his first impressions below.

I am currently using an brand new app called The Wall. Personally, I think it could really be a ground breaking app but the problem is no one has heard of it.  In the app store no one has even reviewed it, it’s virtually invisible. I am very interested in TheWall so I have looked into the developers at Xiotex Studios. They display the number of downloads the app has had on their home page.   How many? As of 2/20, six.

TheWall is a geo-location social networking app. The name TheWall is referring to “the writing on the wall.” The app is simple. Open it up and write whatever you want. Your message is then saved to that specific location. The only time your message is accessible is when a TheWall user opens the app at the location.

Here is my experiment. No one can get much out of this app if I am the only one using it. So, for the next month or so I am going to write messages at some popular public places. I am going to write “” then a short message specific to each location. After I visit a location and write a message I will update this blog. If anyone reads the message, hopefully they will find this blog and leave a comment.

If you download TheWall and are using it please leave a comment then let me know. I live in the Chicago area but travel around the Midwest for work. Currently I plan on going to the art museum in Chicago and The Rock and Roll HOF in Cleveland in the next few weeks. If you have TheWall and get there before I do, leave me a message.

UPDATE – 2/22/10: I left a post on TheWall at Cheddar’s Casual Cafe on the East side of Springfield, IL.

UPDATE – 2/23/10: Today I left a post at Lincoln’s Tomb in Springfield, IL.

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