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Cody Sharp

Categories: Features

Driving people to a new iPhone/iPod Touch review site like iPhone Gamer Blog is hard.  In the last 2 months (2 months, 8 days to be exact) we have had 21,223 visits.  That might sound like a lot but when you look at some of the competing websites out there; we’re still just small time.  In that 2 months, this site has gone through 3 redesigns, we have ventured into buying ads through Facebook, Google and Yahoo ad search (We found out that though the ads were fairly cheap, they really didn’t cause any recurring visits) and have used a variety of social media to get the word out about our site.  We now have 3 writers, including myself, that do reviews, news and previews and have a fairly steady stream of developers asking for us to review their games (Thank you guys!).  All in all, it has been a difficult process but one that has been a lot of fun and fulfilling.

We would like to continue increasing the number of people that come to the site and we are looking for ways to do so.  We know that currently about 20-30% of all of the people that arrive at our site will return again.  That’s pretty good but we would love for it to be higher.  Any ideas on what we can do to get you to return?  We want to know what you are looking for when you arrive at our site.  Is it news, reviews, previews, promo codes, features or something else entirely?  This site is so much fun to run when we have people talking back to us so maybe a forum is where it’s at.  So why are we writing this?  Honestly, we wanted to see what/if any ideas you have for us to continue to grow and move to the next level.

Below are a few graphs that show our ups and downs depending on the week for the last few months.  Another report shows the top 10 reader countries.  We have had readers from all over the world including Iraq and Mongolia.  The site is continuing to grow (it grew by 20% in the last month) and we’re extremely excited to be a part of that.  No one is more important than our readers (the developers are pretty important too!).  Going forward, we are going to continue our quest to be your one stop place for all of your iPhone, iPod Touch and eventually iPad gaming needs.   In the meantime, please tell your friends about us, tell us what you would like to see in the future, find us on Twitter and bookmark us.

By and large our weekly visits have continued to rise

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