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Price: $.99

Publisher: Chillingo

Angry Birds

Buy It! Stop reading. Buy Angry Birds now (Editor: Come on man, even a Twitter review is longer than this).
If you did keep reading then I suppose I could tell you why you need to go out and get this game. Angry Birds is an iPhone/iPod Touch physics based game where you slingshot birds and try to take out enemy pigs. Despite sounding strange, it also probably sounds pretty easy.   That is not the case at all.  Precision and accuracy are mandatory in later levels. As the game progresses the pigs start wearing helmets and hide behind multiple layers of wood, stone, and glass. But have no fear, the birds come prepared for battle. You will unlock new types of birds that have different skills. Blue birds multiply. Yellow birds can break through multiple layers of wood. Black birds can explode. You get the idea.

angry birds iphone

The controls are simple. To shoot a bird, tap, drag, and release the slingshot. To activate the bird’s special skill, simply tap the screen. A hint: special skills sometimes need to be activated at just the right time in order to do the most damage. As far as levels go there are two episodes; Poached Eggs and Mighty Hoax. I am all the way through Poached Eggs, it took me over three hours (total play time) to complete the 63 levels. I am barely in to Mighty Hoax and it is difficult. Don’t get me wrong. I am glad the levels are increasingly difficult. Each level really makes you use each bird’s skill to its fullest.  Obviously one thing should be clear; this game has a tremendous amount of replay value.

angry birds iphone

The graphics and audio are also outstanding. This is how games should be made. Simple ideas backed by great graphics, great audio, and gameplay that continues to last and develop. With all of this said, this game is only $0.99. This game truly has set a new bar for the sub-dollar iPhone/iPod Touch market.  In fact, I’d wager this game sets a new bar across the entire pricing spectrum on the App Store.  If you’re waiting for one more call to action, you won’t find it here.  I’ll be busy playing Angry Birds and marking it down as an early contender for iPhone Gamer Blog’s best game of 2010.

angry birds iphone

Overall Value for it’s $.99 price point

Overall Value: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Graphics: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Sound: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars Controls: 5.0 out of 5.0 stars

Rating: 5.0/5. From 1 vote.