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Cody Sharp

Categories: Previews

SimCity Deluxe was announced for the iPhone/iPod Touch today.  One of my all time favorite gaming franchises will feature updated graphics, smoother gameplay and a ton of new content.  This will be the second time SimCity hits the App Store.  It’s initial release was well very well received and had millions of downloads.  It remains to be seen if people who purchased the first SimCity will be ready and willing to spend another 5-10 bucks for this version.  That being said, with 7 new scenarios, updated graphics and the ability to modify terrain, SimCity Deluxe will be hard to pass up for fans of the series.  We will have more news here as it comes out.  Look for this game to be released sometime this summer.

simcity deluxe iphone simcity deluxe iphone

Product Description

Build and manage your dream city with a newly updated SimCityTM experience for iPhone® & iPod touch®. Designed for dedicated and casual fans, let your inner urban planner run wild.
Key Features
  • Improved UI – Larger buttons, better flow and more accessible items have been added to make the user experience as smooth as possible
  • Visually Enhanced – Graphics and frame rate have been improved, making this game closer in visual style to SimCity 4
  • Modify Terrain with Touch Control -Finger-paint water, land, and trees. Get more power and control over the look of your city’s landscape.
  • 7 Scenarios and 7 Bustling Starter Cities –  Exciting Scenarios and Starter Cities have been added increasing re-playability of the game
  • 4 Distinct Seasons (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall)  linked to seasonal disasters

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