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Cody Sharp

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One of the first days of summer, June 22nd, will mark the day Apple unveils their latest iPhone iteration, the iPhone HD.  According to two reports from the Wall Street Journal and followed by Engadget, this date is no longer just a rumor but a fact.  Apple shares even rose a bit upon the announcement.  There hasn’t been any official word from Apple one way or the other but that’s no surprise as they have always released news on their own terms and timetables.

So what makes this version of the iPhone so different that it justifies the HD name?  Well for one, the screen is said to be a much higher resolution, specifically set at 960 x 640, which is double the resolution of the 3GS.  It’s a good thing too because Apple’s newest Android competition, the HTC Evo 4G, has a resolution set at 800 x 480.  Those higher quality screens mean better looking games and just as importantly, the ability to see more data on the screen at one time.  While not everyone will be looking forward to the new age of squinting to see the tachometer on Real Racing, I think the new real estate can be used really effectively in a lot of games and applications.

The iPhone is drastically in need of a better camera and the iPhone HD will again deliver in this department.  Set to compete with the HTC Evo’s 8 megapixel camera, the HD will likely have an upgraded camera and add one to the front side of the device as well.  That’s going to allow for easier photo taking and less of the ‘guess and test’ self photography.  (Guess and test photography is when you and your significant other want a photo and you reach the arm out and click hoping for the best).

Other things are said to be added including a faster processor and multitasking but we’ve heard all of this before.  One way or the other, we don’t have too long to wait.  One thing is worth noting.  This phone will not be 4G.  In a recent article I mentioned how Apple will not likely be releasing a 4G phone until 2011 and I stand by that.  Neither Verizon or AT&T have a 4G network that can handle the bandwidth needed for a new 4G iPhone…yet.  In the meantime, expect the iPhone HD to bridge the gap between the 3GS and the iPhone 4G we are sure to see in 2011.

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