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Cody Sharp

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From the developers of Doodle Run comes Angry Snake, the first title from eBattalion for the iPad.  Details for the just released title can be found below.  Expect a review in the next week available right here.

Getting an iPad? Love a snaky challenge? Now you can grow your snake longer than ever before, exclusively on your shiny new iPad! Angry Snake offers tons of challenging fun for less than the price of a toy snake, and most toy snakes don’t even grow!

Two addictive fun-packed game modes of pure snake goodness. How long can you survive with an ever-growing snake slithering from level to level? Compete with other players worldwide via the built-in leaderboards and Twitter features.
Angry Snake features awesome touch screen swipe controls that are responsive, easy to use, and fast to execute. Simply swipe, anywhere on the screen, in the direction you want the snake to turn. The perfect iPad exclusive snake game is here!
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