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Cody Sharp

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The iPhone’s best racing game makes it way to the iPad on release.  I can imagine no game that is a better fit for the natural size of the iPad.  After all, it will be like maneuvering through the track with a nice sized steering wheel.  The graphics have been upgraded, additional functionality added and Firemint has been working on it for a while,  This game is sure to please.  We will try to get you guys a review as soon as possible but for now, take a look at the screenshots available and take a look at the gameplay video below.  Pretty sweet looking, right

Real Racing is one of the most acclaimed racing games on any handheld platform, and has been extended and enhanced especially for iPad. Real Racing HD brings players all the excitement, competition and glory that only true championship racing can provide. Stunning new graphics make Real Racing HD the most impressive racer yet, perfect for showing off iPad’s large screen and processing power. Players can comfortably use iPad as a steering wheel for an incredibly immersive experience or they can choose from a number of touch screen control options and adjust the sensitivity to suit.
“We’re all very excited about the launch of iPad, and Real Racing HD really shows off the new possibilities that come with this breakthrough device,” said Firemint CEO Robert Murray. “Real Racing is all about authentic pack racing action. iPad is incredibly immersive and personal so playing the Real Racing HD App will be an adrenaline-fuelled rush.”
* Car Skins – allows players to select photos from their Photo Album on iPad and Real Racing HD will automatically wrap the photo around the selected car. Artistic players can even use one of the many popular paint programs to create personalized racing decals, based on any of the existing car skins supplied with the game. Firemint will also release new Car Skins via its web site.
* Ghost Racing – lets players race against a pre-recorded ghost saved on iPad or downloaded from Firemint’s servers. Drivers can test their skills against the best in the world, or try to beat their own previous personal best. Ghosts will also be shown in Online League races, adding a whole new level of competitive fun to this popular play mode.
* Players can watch replays of their Time Trial races or any races uploaded to the leaderboards from within the game and select different camera angles while watching, providing an exciting new way to learn the best racing lines from the top drivers.
* Touch screen controls specifically designed for iPad, with a new sensitivity adjustment option.

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