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Kyle Truitt

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It is that time again; time for another guaranteed great game that also happens to be free.  We call those games, Fantastic Freebies.  We don’t waste your time with a full review; instead we guarantee they are great! Just read the quick synopsis below and fire up the App Store, it is time to have some fun with this week’s Fantastic Freebie!

Price: Fantastic Freebie

Publisher: Ricochet labs

Get it now on QRANK

QRANK is your new Wednesday night trivia game!  Honestly, I really like this game because I am a huge fan of trivia.  I love going out and playing with or against my friends at Buffalo Wild Wings.  Now with QRANK I no longer have to go out to get my trivia fix, I have it right on my phone!

qrank iphone

In QRANK you answer 10 of the 15 questions that are provided for you.  The topics for the questions range from Sports, Entertainment and History.  In other words, topics that everyone knows something about.  You can play this against other friends with iPhones or just people in your area.  It uses the gps on your phone to get your location and it will find other people with the game.  The questions are not all easy either.  They range from the 100 level to the 500 level, thus getting harder as you go along.

I would say the thing that hooked me on this game was it is VERY current.  Just yesterday Conan O’Brien signed a deal with TBS to host his new late show and sure enough when I played this game this morning, there was a question about what network Coco signed with.  I think this game will be a great success because it hits all age groups.  Make sure your brain is ready to go when you start playing.  You only get one shot at this game per day!

qrank iphone

Qrank is my pick for the Fantastic Freebie of the week.  Have fun playing it, I hopefully I will see you on the leader board under my name.

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