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Cody Sharp

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Since April 16th, when I wrote the original article comparing these two devices, quite a bit has happened.  We now have had confirmation that the iPhone HD does exist and was in fact found and turned over to Gizmodo who subsequently found out even more details about this device.  The HTC Incredible is extremely close to release (pre sales are already sold out) and we now have confirmation that the new version of Google’s Android OS (2.2) will support and come with Adobe Flash.

Where do these new updates leave this competition?  For one, it leaves Android is a stronger place than it was before in some ways.  Despite what Apple says, having Flash be able to run on the newest Android builds allows that phone to have a ton of additional functionality.  Think about how many Flash games are already out there on the web and add on the Android’s 35,000 apps that are currently available in its store.  While certainly that number doesn’t match Apple’s App Store count of 180,000 apps, it is a much stronger number with Flash onboard.

Something that also skews a bit in the HTC Incredible’s favor is the superior network it will run on.  Between AT&T and Verizon’s networks, Verizon’s is certainly the faster and wider spread of the two.  It’s a good thing too because those bandwidth hungry Flash apps are going to start weighing down the network right away.  AT&T can barely keep up with the iPhone’s bandwidth load as it is.

We also know for sure (from Gizmodo reports) that Apple’s new device will have a better camera and the nicer screen that everyone predicted it would have.  The confirmation is important because it means that the iPhone HD will likely matchup very well hardware wise with the HTC Incredible.

We still don’t have any answers regarding whether or not the new iPhone HD will run on Verizon’s network or if it will remain on AT&T.  One way or the other, Apple has to consider offering it to the Verizon network where it will be able to compete directly with the HTC Incredible and Blackberry’s everywhere, if only for the added market share Verizon has over AT&T.  Not to mention, as we wrote about earlier, Verizon’s much quicker adoption of a 4G network when compared to AT&T.

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