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Cody Sharp

Categories: Features

1,000,000 iPad units have reportedly been sold in the last month.  That’s a hefty number and doesn’t even include the world outside of the US, who is reportedly clamoring for Cupertino’s new bit of technology.  Now that it’s in the hands of so many, has it changed anything?  The people that have one, by and large, seem to adore it, yet have certain qualms about its lack of specific functionality.  Now that they have one, I want to find out, what does it do better than a netbook or iPhone/iPod Touch?  In other words, what things does it do that you just can’t live without?

This is a request for those iPad owners out there.  Leave us a message in the comment section, the forum, or you can even email us.  Let us know why you love your device so much.  Or, maybe you wish you didn’t purchase the device after all…  Either way, please let us know.  In fact, please let us know the following information about you and your device:

How many apps have you purchased for it?  (a rough estimate will do)

How many of those apps were games?

What is your favorite thing to do with your iPad?

What is your least favorite thing about the device?

What new feature/s would you like to see from a new iPad device (aka iPad 2)

Would you buy the iPad again?

Do you own an iPhone or iPod Touch?

Once we tally up this information we would like to write an article detailing the relationship that people have with their iPad’s (good or bad).

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