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Cody Sharp

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This device has not yet been announced by Apple.  In fact, though “iPhone HD” is one of the most searched terms on Google (along with the phrase “iPhone 4G”), Apple has not said a single word about the latest addition to their iDevice lineup.  When will they?  That’s hard to say but one thing is sure, OS 4 will be released by summer and it is a good bet that Apple will be giving all of those original iPhone owners a new phone to buy that can utilize its functionality.

So we should expect a June announcement of the iPhone HD.  Dates that have been reported include June 7th, a Monday, and June 22nd, a Tuesday.  I think the June 7th date is unlikely due to the fact that it’s a Monday and Apple like’s to build up the excitement for a release.  Tuesday and Thursday are usually one of the most blogged on days of the week.  The 22nd is a better bet.

Sure the phone will include new functionality.  It’s extremely likely that the phone Gizmodo had in its possession is very similar to the phone we will see announced next month.  If that was the current prototype, I think it’s doubtful, due to the time it takes to manufacture so many devices, that anything other than the casing would be changed at this point.  Especially if they plan on having the new phone ready to sell a month after the announcement (late July being the likely date).

Of course, we never really found out anything about the internal working of the prototype phone anyway.  New reports say the phone will have 720p HD recording capabilities.  If that’s the case, Apple’s phone would move to the top of the camera phone market.  There’s no doubt something like that would be very welcome for the device’s users.  However, I can’t imagine that those big HD videos are something that AT&T will want to support (or be able to) on their problematic network.

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