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Cody Sharp

Categories: Features

The MLB At Bat 2010 app is simply awesome.  If you’re a fan of baseball, you simply have to bite the $15 bullet and buy it today.  Why?  Because it gives you access to instant box scores, video clips, and even better, access to every radio station broadcasting a baseball game, every single day.  If you have, you can even watch it via your iPhone or iPod Touch.  Even if you don’t have you can watch one free game per day – live – using the app.

Every day I check into to see what is going on with my horrible-playing Cubbies.  Usually the results aren’t in our favor but it sure is a heck of a lot better than using something like ESPN’s free app.  Also, nothing is cooler than to be able to listen to both sides of a game using the built in radio stations the app provides.  I love to be driving somewhere and open up the app and tune it to a ballgame hundreds or thousands of miles away.  Of course, you can use an aux port and put in on your car speakers.  Its baseball the way it was meant to be listened to.

My dad loves baseball but isn’t necessarily a huge fan of technology.  When I showed him the app, I think it made him want an iPhone.  Not an easy thing to accomplish.  Seriously for any baseball fans out there, you have to get this app.  One other thing I didn’t mention, once a game is over; you will get an out by out video of what happened during the game.   This isn’t a short 10 second clip.  The game is condensed down into a 10 minute video of all the big plays.  No catch phrase commentators on this review.  That means you won’t hear the exact same crap over again like you would on an ESPN SportsCenter clip.  You simply get to see the game speak for itself.

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