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Cody Sharp

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One of the things I have never understood about the tech savvy’s love for rumors is that they get upset when they don’t end up becoming reality.   Look, rumors in technology are much like rumors you read in a celebrity gossip magazine.  In fact, they are probably even less likely to be true due to many of the rumors being created internationally and then being sent state side (thus creating yet another layer of uncertainty).

Obviously, if you have read my articles before you know that I adore rumors.  I love hearing about the latest tech gossip.  My wife thinks I’m crazy because I will read about the latest rumors for hours.  Yeh, she thinks I’m crazy but doesn’t think a thing is wrong about reading Us magazine or watching Extra.  In fact, I would love a show to be on TV where they talk about nothing but tech rumors.  Can you imagine how it would sound coming on?  Coming up next, some shocking news that you have got to hear to believe. The latest HTC phone includes multitasking and an HD camera.  Next on Techtra (trademark is pending). They could even use Mario Lopez and do some cross branding.  I’m not sure what network it would work best on but that’s a show I would be willing to watch.

In the next few months a lot of things will change regarding Apple phone rumors.  One way or the other, we will know very soon whether or not there will be a new phone release this summer.  We’ll also know whether the prototypes that have been unleashed on the world via Gizmodo and Vietnam are in fact, the real deal.  What will we have to talk about once the latest iPhone comes out?  Why the iPad 2 of course.  Sounds like good times to me and a good subject for that new hit TV show.

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