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Cody Sharp

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Look, I know this is a blog about gaming.  I know that this article has nothing to do with gaming, Apple or even technology.  That being said, I’m literally writing about this because it’s my site and I can do what I want.

I’m not sure how many readers we have that actually watched Lost.  I was someone who watched every episode of each season.  Last night’s 1:45 minute episode (the show literally had an extra 45 minutes of commercials) really disappointed and I had to write about it somewhere.  That place, for good or bad, is here.

In the end, the writers of the show went the way of a soap opera.  Oh they said, it was the characters that matter.  Really?  Well then why was the show set on a magic island where crazy things happened all of the time and there were continuous mysteries added throughout the show’s entire six year airing?  Why not just set the story in a bar or a hospital or anywhere else besides a magical island?  After all, it’s about the characters.  I thought the story was about the island since literally 90% of the show was set on the island and over 50% of the show’s entire content was about the strange happenings on the island.  Nope, I was wrong.  It’s about the characters.

Truly, it was an epic fail of an ending.  The end result was that we literally found out nothing about the mysteries left on the island at all.  We don’t know the why or the what.  We don’t even know the how.  Most surprisingly, there are a ton of people watching that final episode that seemingly really liked it.  What!?  How?  Oh that’s right; those are the same people that think Grey’s Anatomy is modern day Shakespeare (no offense to Shakespeare).

Look, I liked the characters on the Lost and I wouldn’t have minded the ending if they would have actually answered even one or two of the big questions about the island that they posed over and over again.  That simply was not the case.  We have no idea why the island was magical.  What made it magical.  How does Dharma fit into the equation?  How long have people protected the island?  And on and on.  The questions are endless.  Now we’re told that the story was never about the island but instead it’s always been about the characters.  What a sham.

Just as I was dissapointed with the ending of the X Files over 10 years ago, I was similarly disappointed by my favorite Sci Fi show of the last 6 years.  I’m tired of these shows not ending with answers.  I know it would have taken a tremendous effort to tie some of these things together on the island but what have they been doing for six years?  They were simply treading water.  Asking questions that would never be answered and writing about things that never really mattered.  Bogus.

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