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Cody Sharp

Categories: Features

Reports are flooding the net that Steve Jobs will in fact be presenting at Apple’s WWDC conference on June 7th.  I think there is little doubt left that he will be talking about at least one thing, the iPhone 4G/iPhone HD.  It is also likely he will announce a release date for OS 4.0 for the general public.  The newest OS has already been through several revisions and each has brought more functionality than the last.  What is not known is whether or not he will mention all of the leaked stuff that went on during the last month or so.

Leaks are certainly nothing new in the technology world but for Apple it is something they haven’t had to deal with in the recent past.  In fact, it will be kind of funny to see Jobs go up to the podium and announce the exact phone that was in Gizmodo’s possession and act like it hasn’t already be seen by the public.  I think Apple still has a few aces in its hand though since the actual phone’s interface was never shown, only the physical phone itself.  The presentation will likely heavily deal with the new video chat that will be included and also the dual camera and HD screen.

One way or the other, we won’t have too much longer to wait for all of the latest news from Apple.  Once the new iPhone is announced, it will likely go on sale within a month or so since reportedly it has been in production for months already.

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