Breaking News: Apple’s Unknown iPhone iOS 4 Details

UPDATE 1:06 pm ET:

4.0 is here.  Simply open up iTunes and click on Update!!!!

If you have an iPhone 3G, 3GS or iPod Touch 3rd generation, today is the big day; it’s the launch of the iPhone OS 4 (otherwise now known as iOS 4).  This upgrade has all of the crazy contraptions you are looking for in a new OS and the best part is – it is entirely free.  For those of you with a 3G or older iPhone through, a bit of bad news – multitasking, along with several of the other new additions in the iOS 4 update, have not been implemented.  You see, Apple wants you to buy their new phone.  However, if you don’t mind a little bit of jailbreaking, a release has already been made for you folks that adds multitasking to the iOS 4 build for all iPhones and iPod Touches, regardless of make or model.

Apple’s newest update includes over 100 new features that the majority of the public are just salivating over.  Of course, Apple’s new phone, the iPhone 4, will have all of these features by default when it arrives just 3 days from now.  If you have a 3GS right now and are planning on upgrading to the newest iPhone, starting today you will see what the new phone’s OS has in store for you because the 3GS has all of the same capabilities as the iPhone 4 (except video chat).

No one is quite sure when the update will be released onto iTunes (we just know it happens today) but if you follow us on Twitter, we will be reporting when it becomes available (That’s right – we will literally be refreshing the iTunes store repeatedly just for you).  Feel free to comment or ask questions before the release approaches.  We’ll be right here waiting it out just like the rest of you.

UPDATE 11:48 am ET: is reporting the followuing times iOS 4 will be released.


Hawaii -7am
Alaska -9am
Pacific -10am
Mountain -11am
Central -12pm
Eastern -1pm

No confirmation on these yet but if that is the case, we are just a little over an hour away!

UPDATE 11:51 am ET:

BTW, the file sizes for the iOS 4 update are pretty darn large.  Don’t expect to get this thing in the first few minutes.  The download could take an hour or more depending on traffic to the servers.

iPhone 3G[S] = 378MB
iPhone 3G = 292MB
iPod Touch 3rd Gen = 357MB
iPod Touch 2nd Gen = 309MB

UPDATE 1:06 pm ET:

4.0 is here.  Simply open up iTunes and click on Update!!!!

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