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Josh Cox

Categories: Features

I wanted to give you an update to what I wrote about the other day about the iPhone 4.  Yesterday, I had to do some real work.  That meant using my brand spanking new iPhone to make and receive several calls throughout the afternoon.  After writing that I hadn’t dropped any calls at all in that feature piece (although the signal strength died a few times), I couldn’t stop dropping calls in yesterday’s round.  There wasn’t really any rhyme or reason, they just dropped.  I never had this problem with my 3GS.

I thought it was important to keep you all updated, especially after writing what was overall a very positive review of the new iPhone 4 yesterday.

Thankfully, numerous rumors abound that a patch or fix may be in the works from Apple to help those of us that “hold the phone wrong”.  That excuse was always absurd and quite simply inexcusable.  Hopefully this patch makes its way out into the world sooner rather than later.  Otherwise I may have to go back to using a landline to do business for a while (shudder).

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