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Cody Sharp

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Having just purchased my iPhone 4 late last week, I had no firsthand experience with the iPhone 4’s reported reception issues.  That all changed shortly after its delivery by Fed Ex.  I immediately noticed a huge difference between the iPhone 4’s reception bars and the number of dropped calls when compared to my old 3GS.  My house, which had always been just fine when it came to reception, continuously acts as a vortex of lost communication.

Over the weekend I saw websites and blogs report that Apple was admitting a reception issue.  I rejoiced, thinking that they would possibly be delivering software fix of some kind that would clear up the issues.  That is not the case.  Instead, Apple will reportedly be releasing a software fix that simply decreases the number of bars shown on the screen in the first place.  Hilarious!  Instead of admitting to and/or fixing the issue, they are removing it entirely by making it so the user of the phone can’t tell there is a problem.  Now they can pass the blame directly to the hated AT&T network.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple has quite a few high level employees that used to be part of government cover-ups.

It’s really as much a shame as it is a sham.  Apple has somehow released a phone that clearly has much better reception than their previous iterations, as long as you don’t actually hold it.  What future lays in wait for those who purchase a new phone?  A rubber bumper that Apple charges twenty-some dollars for (and likely costs them mere pennies to make).  Whether that bumper is paid for by you or by Apple may be dependent on all of these class action lawsuits against Apple.

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