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Josh Cox

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I know this doesn’t affect most of the readers on this website considering it’s an iPhone site, but I just wanted to make sure you knew about the Paid App Pledge campaign for Android users.

Basically what’s happening is that someone came up with this pledge idea because developers aren’t making enough money from Droid apps so they can’t finance full time support.  They, Droid users, are asking other Droidians to pledge five dollars a week on apps…  Over $250 a year!  Even worse, they are also asking to donate money straight to the developers!

So, in a quick recap. Driod users want other Droid users to spend money on apps that they may not want or need just to keep developers developing. Or, if they really don’t want to clutter up their phone with unwanted apps, just give those developers the money anyway.

How about this; buy an app if you want it, or buy an app if it gets good reviews and looks fun. That way those developers that created that app get the money for it. That way those developers that created a successful app can keep creating other successful apps. But with this pledge you are basically giving money to developers who may make terrible apps, but now that they are financed through this pledge they will continue to make bad apps.

Does this app pledge make sense to anyone? Or am I missing the point?  (Editor: Maybe they used the government’s method of assisting industry as an example).

I’m honestly not bashing Android users, I just don’t understand why you would buy something, an app, that you don’t want or need just to keep more unwanted and unneeded apps coming out.

As of July 2 a total of $105 a month was being pledged. That’s over five grand a year. I’m sure its even higher now. What are your thoughts on this Droid App Pledge?

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