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Cody Sharp

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I just watched Christoper Nolan’s Inception last night.  Its plot certainly was twisty and turvy and made me think.  I liked it.  That being said, not everyone will find it as thrilling.  This movie in particular was one of the only releases this year that had an entirely original plot and was released as a major feature film with 8; count them 8 Oscar winners/Oscar nominees in its cast.  The acting was well done throughout but one thing that will bother some people is that the plot has several holes.

I hate giving away spoilers and so in my quick review you won’t find any.  The basic plot of the movie revolves around the idea that the government created a way for people to enter another person’s dream.  Within the dream world, anything can happen.  Leonardo DiCaprio plays a character named Cobb who works within this dream world trying to steal secrets.  You see, in your dreams, you are much more likely to leave the proverbial door open to secrets than you would in the real world.

This movie is likely going to be a movie that you either love or hate.  I loved it and my wife hated it.  She insists that the only real reason someone likes this movie is because there is so much going on that no one really understands the plot.  Everyone is so embarrassed they don’t understand it that they just say they loved it because they don’t want to sound dumb.  I disagree.  I think I understand the majority of the movie and that by and large, the reason people don’t understand some of the things within it is because they see plot holes where I am willing to look past them.

If you take the movie for what it is, a summer blockbuster that is fun while it lasts, then you will be happy with the experience.  If you dwell too much on the specifics than you are likely to find things that don’t quite add up.  In this case, I recommend the experience for anyone that enjoys Nolan’s other films like The Prestige and Memento.  This movie is maybe not quite as satisfying but is definitely worth the $10 if nothing else to support an original story being released out of Hollywood.

If you guys have seen the movie and want to discuss, feel free.

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