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Cody Sharp

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Earlier today, Comex released his jailbreak for the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPads that runs iOs 4 and 4.01.  The first release of its kind is not without its issues despite being the easiest jailbreak to use in recent memory.  To use the jailbreak you simply need to point your iDevice’s browser to the correct web page, slide button on the screen and a minute later, Cydia is installed and your jailbreak is done.  Before I tell you where to go to use this jailbreak, listen to these words of wisdom.

1) This jailbreak has issues that will effect its value

2) It will likely need updated in the very near future due to these issues

3) You can fix these issues on your own in the short term

4) It is really easy to do – almost too easy



The known issues currently are that your device may not have the ability to use FaceTime or MMS after the jailbreak. The former issue of course only effects iPhone 4 owners, the latter issue effects all devices.  That being said, there is a fix that works.  After the jailbreak is over, you simply need to restore your device using iTunes.  That gives you FaceTime and MMS functionality back.  So see kiddies, that is why backing up your device is important.

Now that you read all of that, simply backup your device, open up Safari on your iDevice and go to

Afterwards remember to reboot your iDevice.  then open up iTunes, right click on your phone and click restore.  Wait until that’s done.  Afterwards you’ll have a phone that looks just like before when one important Cydia addition.

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