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Cody Sharp

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I’m still waiting on my free iPhone 4 case.  I’m sure it will come soon.  I know that Apple had to ramp up production (eye roll) but man it’s been nearly 6 weeks.  One thing that I hate is that I have already scratched up my scratch resistant iPhone 4 screen.  Argh!  I did the same thing with my iPhone 3GS before I bought one of those screen protectors.  Can anyone out there make truly resilient glass that cannot be scratched?  I mean surely it exists right?  I don’t need scratch resistance, I need scratch resilience.

My iPhone 4 has really grown on me but it’s not without its nagging annoyances.  One of the things I commonly do is to take pictures using the front facing camera with my daughter and me.   I love it and she loves it.  You should see how quick she starts smiling when she sees herself on camera (she’s 11 months).  That being said, from time to time the switch to turn on the front facing camera just doesn’t work.  I’m not sure why – maybe it’s because I have too many other programs in the background or something.  The same things happen when specific people call and the phone won’t allow me to slide open the screen.  I slide my finger and nothing happens for 5-10 seconds while it continues to ring.  Finally it opens in time for me to miss the call.  That’s completely annoying.

The iPhone 4 gaming market continues to be a bit stagnant.  Almost every game I played had bugs on the iOS 4 release but by now most have been patched.  Where are all the super cool iPhone 4 specific feature games that use the new functionality of the phone?  I’ve played just a single one in 2 or 3 months since the phone’s release (a review is coming soon) but I expected to see a lot more.  No doubt though, the prettier graphics do make a significant difference.

Speaking of, I wish developers would put a little more effort into their retina display HD graphics.  I keep playing these games that have “HD” graphics but the frame rates have fallen off the cliff.  They need to work on something called – optimization.  They can’t just push higher resolution graphics into their games and not optimize them.  It’s lazy and it deteriorates the quality of the game.

I’m thinking about doing an article like this weekly or monthly where I just go through some random Apple related experiences.  I’d love to have someone write about their own experiences.  If you have a good idea for an article or want to be a guest commentator, email me at cpsharp [at] and let me know.

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