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Cody Sharp

Categories: Features

Here’s something interesting, according to Google the term iPhone 5 is being searched on 600% more in the last 30 days than in the 30 days before it.  Seriously?  People are already worried about the iPhone 5?  Let me give you a hint – it is a very long way off and I doubt we will see it before 2012.  Anyone that says they have details about it is full of crap.

Tomorrow’s is Apple’s press conference where they will be announcing the newest iPod Touch and iPod devices.  The newest iPod Touch should be a pretty decent deal for all of those people looking for the higher quality graphics of the iPhone 4.  I think it will also include the HD video and second camera that the iPhone 4 has.  Other than that, I doubt they add any additional functionality that is not included on the iPhone.  One thing we know for sure; it won’t have any problem with its cell antenna (since there won’t be one).

As far as iPod’s, are people really buying these?  If so, why?  You can get a much better mp3 player from any number of companies for about 10 times less than Apple charges.  Why are people so willing to pay a surcharge?  Is it because they want to keep supporting a company that has bullshit practices like having proprietary accessories like headphones and usb cables?  These policies are beyond ridiculous.  Every other device making company in the world signs up to make a standard usb cable that fits cameras, phones, mp3 players and the like- but not Apple.  Thank Apple for helping the world fill up the world’s landfills with useless USB cables that only work for one type of device.  Seriously, it really bothers me.

Has anyone played Mafia 2?  I finished the PC version yesterday.  It’s one of the prettiest games I have ever seen and the story and voice acting are fantastic.  That’s where the positives end.  This game is so lifeless that it makes you cry that they wasted a great story on this.  By the end of the game (which only last 12 hours at best), you are more than ready for it to end.  What a shame.

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