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Josh Cox

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Over the last decade Apple’s business plan has migrated from making computers that were user friendly to creating devices that fill holes that we as users weren’t even aware existed. For example the iPod; we had personally CD players and portable radios. But did we carry them around with us every time we left our house? I didn’t. Apple has filled that void, the void we were unaware of and now they continue that trend with Apple TV.

The first Apple TV was introduced in 2006 but was mainly just a hard drive. At that time a computer running iTunes was a necessity so it could stream content to the Apple TV. There was no option for a flash drive copier as well. A software update was release a few years later allowing the Apple TV to be disconnected from the computer. Therefore, creating a stand-alone device that could stream music and movies.

With the latest update to the Apple TV line, Apple has cut all cords and is now doing what they do best, integration. Apple’s stranglehold, if you will, on the market is that all of their products work well with each other. They are well aware of this and use it to their advantage. This includes AirPlay, Apple’s new (it use to be called AirTunes) integration service that allows all Apple handheld devices (iPhone, iPod, and iPad) to stream content to wireless devices like the new Apple TV.

For example, I’m flying for a business trip and have downloaded a movie on my iPad from iTunes. I don’t have a chance to watch all of it during my flight so when I get home I can turn on my Apple TV and push a button on my iPad and bingo the movie that was on my iPad is now instantly on my big screen, in HD. The same thing goes for the iPhone and iPod. All of them can instantly stream video, music, and photos to the Apple TV.

So, is it worth the $99? The HD Roku boxes are $100 so right there you save a dollar. If you have any of Apple’s handheld devices and are a member of Netflix, I don’t see how you could pass this up. The wireless streaming from my iPhone and iPad is well worth the $99 not to mention a Netflix connection. Oh ya, and you get access to all of the movies and TV shows that are on iTunes instantly. Please feel free to comment and ask questions.

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