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Cody Sharp

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I’m sure if you’re reading this you can guess what that commonality is between these topics of conversation; none of them are real – at least not yet.  Let’s look at these items one by one and see what chance these common rumors have of becoming a reality.

A CDMA version of the iPhone would mean that it would be able to work on American cell phone networks other than AT&T (T-Mobile would technically work but doesn’t due to the fact that Apple changed the size of their sim cards).  It is likely that in the future a CDMA version will be developed but who knows it it’s going to happen with the iPhone 4.  For all we know this could be an iPhone 5 project.  Recently the CEO of Verizon came out and said that he would love for the iPhone to be available on his network but that there was currently no imminent release.  When it comes to making statements, CEO’s of a public company are not likely to say something entirely untrue because of the backlash it could cause one way or the other for his stock holders.  The chance of a CDMA iPhone is probably 90% by the end of 2011.  The chance of that phone materializing for the Verizon network is also fairly high (Verizon simply has too many customers for Apple to ignore).  The chance that it will happen this year; somewhere around 10%

It seems as though there are a million websites offering people the ability to jailbreak iOS 4.1 on an iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 device.  These websites are fakes, liars, thieves, or whatever other negative term you would like to use.  Currently iOS 4.1 has been broken on the iPhone 3/3GS and iPod Touch devices from the same era.  The Dev Team is still working on a solution for the iPhone 4/new iPod Touch.  The good news is that when they do come out with their solution, it is a long term fix that won’t be able to be broken by Apple anytime soon.  At least that’s what they are saying on their official messages.  Keep safe for now and don’t buy into the idea that these devices are currently jailbroken; you’ll just end up being disappointed or worse.

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