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Cody Sharp

Categories: iPhone Reviews

This site has hardly been touched during the last month but that doesn’t mean we’re dead, just extremely busy.  Despite the lack of recent posts the site still saw nearly the same amount of traffic as when we were making a post or two per day.  That’s great news.  What it means to you is that instead of trying to push out a ridiculous number of articles (one or two per day) and likely worse content, we will just settle for an article every few days or so and give you better quality content.

The fact is only 9.97% of our readers are return visitors and that’s ok.  We would love for you to see the site and return on a daily/weekly basis but after being almost a year into the site’s history (12/18/2010), having written hundreds of articles and reviews, I don’t think that’s going to happen. Again, that’s ok.

In the near future this site will likely be receiving a redesign of some sort.  The main thing is that we want you to be able to find all of our old reviews and make sure you can find the latest and greatest game reviews on the site as well.  We have a surprising number of people who use our search bar in the top right and we want to upgrade its functionality as well.  What does this mean to you, the person likely viewing this site for the first time?  Nothing really.  Please come back and see the new design and read our upcoming articles.  We are committed to bringing you the most honest reviews about iPhone and iPad games on the web.  I am also committed to doing at least 10-15 of these per month.  Yes, that means that Touch Arcade and STP are going to review a whole heckuva lot more games.  What is also means is that we will be likely spending more time with each title before giving you our final impressions.

BTW, to the 9.97% of you that have been here before and decided to come back, thanks.  This last year has been great and we are extremely excited about 2011.

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