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Josh Cox

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So as you are fully aware, we here at iPhone Gamer Blog review games and the occasional app. For us to review an app we have to really think it’s superior, extremely unique and innovative. Until now we have never reviewed anything but software (games and apps) but I believe we have found a great inexpensive way to customize your iPhones and iPods.

If you are on a hunt for a new iPhone case, for any reason, functionality, usability, or just want a cool looking case, then I have a website for you to check out.

Budget Gadgets is a Chinese website that focuses on electronic gadgets and accessories for those gadgets. To be honest, so I don’t pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, this site is a resale/wholesale business. But that is also half the beauty. They have hundreds of iPhone cases, ranging from super durable rubber cases to super chic pink Louis Vuitton cases. And the best part is that most cases are in the one to four dollar range. No more spending $35 on a rubber case that you’ll have to replace in 3 months anyway. With Budget Gadgets you can buy multiple cases and switch them out as much as you like.

We got our hands on a couple of the cases to do usability testing two weeks ago and have been thoroughly (I haven’t taken one of the cases off my phone since I got it) testing them since they arrived.

The one I have taken a shining to is a case that looks like it’s made of wood.

The case just snaps on and is ready to go. Before this case I had been a rubber case owner only. I hated when my phone would slide around, so rubber was the way to go. However, I have gotten so many compliments on this “wood” case that I’m having a hard time putting my rubber case back on. The only two issues I have with this case are that my old power cable from the first gen iPhone doesn’t fit, but the later versions fit perfectly. I guess the first gen power connector is a tad bit wider. The other issue is that the case is showing small signs of wear. The case isn’t actually wood; it’s plastic with large thin leather like layer that has the wood design printed on it. The wear is nothing major, just in and out of the pocket wear, but the wood grain is a tiny bit lighter in one corner. That corner just happens to be the first corner in my pocket.

The second case we looked at was a real man’s case. It is a double silicone skin hard case that comes with 2 protective films.

First off, this is not a pocket case. This thing is big and made for rough situations. Not only do you put your phone in a hard plastic case that snaps tight for safety, but then you surround that case with a stretchy silicone case. Oh and don’t forget about the two clear films the case comes with it to protect the parts of the phone that aren’t actually covered (the screen and the Apple logo) by the two layers of armor.

I imagine this case would be good for parents with rough kids, construction works, stunt car drivers, bomb diffusers, and astronauts.  Seriously, this case is one tough cookie. The silicone outer shell covers all of the buttons and ports of the iPhone and isn’t the sticky rubber it’s more of a hard smooth rubber that is going to last longer.  If you’ve liked what you’ve read, check out Budget Gadgets.  Also, if you are interested in us doing more case reviews or other iPhone/iPad accessories, let us know.  We aim to please.

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