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Cody Sharp

Categories: Features

Rumblings are in full swing this time of year.  After all, Apple hasn’t graced the world with a new product, other than Apple TV, since the iPad release.  One of the top search terms in regards to Apple is, iPhone 5.  Also in the top 5?  The iPad 2.  People are getting antsy for information about both profucts that are without a doubt coming to a store near you in the next year.

What do we know about the iPhone 5.  Reports have come about lately that Apple has recently patented a circular rotation control for a new device.  Could the iPhone 5 possibly come with this system attached?  In a recent report it was discovered that 75% of all apps sold on the app store are game or game related.  The one thing holding the iPhone back from being called a “real gaming system” by gaming elitists is physical controls.  Doesn’t it then make a lot of sense for Apple to include some type of physical buttons on their next device?

Another rumor swirling the web is that Verizons first LTE phone (LTE is also widely called 4G in the media) will be an iPhone.  Could Apple delay this release until the iPhone 5 is announced or will Verizon’s version of the device fall somewhere between the iPhone 4 chassis and something new?  Personally I think that Verizon has waited this long to get an iPhone, hey may as well wait another 6 months or so until the iPhone 5 is nearing completion.  Just my .02.

The iPad 2 will definitely have a camera and likely 2 of them.  Leaving them out of the first design was not an accident. Apple did it so they would have something to make the iPad 2 a must upgrade for early adopters.  Smart move.  I think that with the iPad 2 we could see a price deduction or even a 3rd model (on top of the WiFi and 3G model) with more limited capabilities.  Why?  Because now that Amazon’s Kindle is near the 100 dollar mark, if Apple wants to continue to compete as an electronic reader, they are going to have to do it on price, not just functionality.

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