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Cody Sharp

Categories: Features

The other day I dropped my iPhone 4.  The back glass broke a little bit.  I dropped it from the height of 14 inches (I measured).  When the iPhone 4 was released Apple claimed that the glass they used for the back of the phone was 20-30 times stronger than plastic.  Having dropped my old 3GS numerous times (while jogging) and having seen no ill effects other than a scuffed back, I can say that without doubt, that 20-30 times stronger claim is bogus.

I don’t really mind to tell you the truth.  As long as the front doesn’t break I’m ok.  That being said, I’ve heard web rumors that Apple will replace the back glass for about $25.  Anyone have that experience?  Or has anyone taken their phone to an Apple store and had it fully replaced for another? I’ve heard web rumors about that happening as well (in whispered tones).

2011 is almost here.  My game of the year is a game we never even reviewd on iPhone Gamer Blog.  Chew on that – over 200 reviews and we didn’t review my favorite game of 2010.  I’ll have more info about that coming soon.

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