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Cody Sharp

Categories: Features

Stop using the built in iPhone alarm that has more bugs (apparently) than nearly any Apple software application in existence.  This thing never works.  We’ve had digital alarm clocks for decades – it’s really not that hard.  If the built in iPhone Clock application has caused you to be late, not once but twice, in the last few months (one for daylight savings and once for the new year), you can only blame yourself.  Sure you can blame Apple for the first time but the second time?  The blame is on you for believing that Apple can make a functioning clock.  After all, that’s tough to do…

In all seriousness, if Apple can’t figure this stuff out then maybe they should get someone in from Timex or another watch company.  This isn’t rocket science.  People are simply asking Apple to make an alarm that works.  For my money (and for the sake of being at work on time), I wouldn’t trust Apple to be my one and only alarm.  How long do you think it will be until Apple is sued by people because their alarm didn’t wake them up and they missed work and were fired?  I’m betting it happens in the next month or two.  Maybe if it does we can get a working Clock application or maybe they will fix it by removing the Clock application entirely.

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