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Cody Sharp

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We are T-minus 72 minutes away from hearing from Verizon what we all assumed was going to happen for over a year. For me, it is a relief.  I’ve predicted and unpredicted and re-predicted the announcement of a Verizon-based iPhone over the last year and I’m ready.  Will Verizon be better than AT&T when it comes to pricing and service?  Will Verizon’s announcement be nearly as fun to watch/quote as one of the magical Steve Jobs announcements (tongue firmly in cheek)?

I want to make some predictions based on rumors on the web.  First, Verizon will announce a CDMA version of the iPhone for their network.  The actual components of the phone will be slightly different than the iPhone 4 but the functionality between it and the iPhone 4 that AT&T has will be extremely similar.  The phone will be of a different color (maybe red).  The new Verizon iPhone will be the first of 2 releases on the network this year by Apple.  My reason for this is that I just can’t imagine that the iPhone 5 won’t be released in 2011.  If that happens does it mean that Verizon will offer early iPhone buyers an easy upgrade path?  My final prediction, the unlimited plan that has been rumored about throughout the web will cost at least $90 and perhaps $100+

That’s all I have for now.  Look here for new news as it comes out.  We will also try to do some live reporting of the event as it kicks off.

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