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Cody Sharp

Categories: Features

There is no doubt that the WWDC conference yesterday pleased a lot of Apple users.  However, it also brought to light how far behind iOS was in some areas compared to the competition and even the jailbreak community.  The major components of yesterday’s announcement included things like updated mail, Wi-Fi syncing and notification improvements.  It’s no wonder than that many in the Android community are having fun at Apple’s expense – these things have been with Android for a long while at this point.

Lately I have really been using a lot of jailbroken Cydia apps and I have to say that a lot of those apps (and the need for them) will be eliminated with iOS 5.  Things like Wi- Fi Sync and notification improvement hit at the very heart of what were some of the more popular jailbroken apps.  There are a ton of additional ones that come to mind as well.  Even a small thing like using the volume button to take pictures eliminates a jailbroken app or two.  One thing is for sure, since the first time since the release of iOS 4, I feel like I will be able to have a lot of the functionality I need without jailbreaking my phone.  Time shall tell how long that feeling lasts.

Finally, I plan on getting my hands on a copy of iOS 5 for my iPhone even if that means joining the Apple development program for $99.  I really want to start putting this new operating system through its paces.  I’m hoping that all of the new additions add up to it being worth the late fall release and at least one of the reasons for the delay of the next iPhone.  Once I get iOS 5 working I will be sure to post impressions and answer any questions I can.

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