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Cody Sharp

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Fever Mode Cheat

During level 1, get into Fever Mode and launch the bird into the clouds. While in the clouds, lock your iPhone or iPod Touch and wait 1 minute… Then unlock your iDevice and come back to the game. You will have beat the 34s Fever Mode achievement.

Or, if that doesn’t work –

Beat Objective 34s in Fever Mode

Have someone you as you enter Fever Mode and answer the phone and wait for 34 seconds. The other person then must disconnect the call. Go back to the game and you’ll see you completed the 34s fever mode objective.

What Are the Yellow Coins For?

Each yellow coin you collect is worth 3 points toward your overall score.

What Are the Blue Coins For?

Blue coins are speed coins. Collect a blue coin and you’ll get a temporary speed boost that’s helpful for recovering from bad jumps.

How Else Can I Score Points?

You get 10 points for every “great” slide you perform. A “great” slide is a perfect slide through a valley, where you lose no speed and get the maximum air coming out. You also get 20 points every time your bird touches the clouds after a high jump.


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