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Cody Sharp

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  • With parry challenges it is best to use dual or light weapons as they have a better reaction time. Don’t waste time attacking the enemy during a break, hit him once, wait for him to recover, then start parrying again (same with dodge challenges).
  • During kill the titan challenges, learn to sneak a ‘scratch’ attack in after every parry to increase the overall amount of damage, while still being able to obtain a parry break. Also, always go with a heavy weapon so you can deal as much damage as possible.
  • Due to the time limit on some ClashMobs, try to get as many parry breaks as possible to get stab points that will do extra damage, and then continue on when they get dizzy with slashes and combos.
  • On treasure challenges, try to pick up tightly grouped bags as quickly as possible and leave the others alone.  New gold bags will spawn a few seconds after you stop picking up bags.  Picking up that one extra bag resets the timer and could cost you even more bags!
  • When doing any Parry challenge and the enemy becomes dizzy, attack him to bring him out of the dizzy state faster so you can get more parries. If you wait without attacking, more time will come off the timer and you’ll lose potential parries.
  • Be sure to have one of each class of weapon in your inventory (sword and shield, two hand, and heavy) to be ready for any type of challenge.
  • Use Dual weapons for the Stab challenge. Damage doesn’t matter and you will be able to get 40+ stabs with dual weapons rather than 18 stabs with light sword.
  • Don’t worry about your health, exhausted dodges, or broken blocks.  Achieve the objective at all costs, since the costs go away once you’re back in SP.
  • Dodge/block/parry/stab/survival challenges are more friendly to low-level players than boss-killing challenges.
  • Set reminders for future ClashMobs and the game will send a push notify when the event is about to start.  If you didn’t allow Infinity Blade II to access push notifies, you can go into the iOS settings to enable them.
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