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Cody Sharp

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Is there anyone in the world that can’t read into why Facebook is so interested in buying a company that makes very little revenue comparatively for an amount that is equal to the budget of NASA this year?  If so, here is a tip – it is so they can harvest your data, all of the really private stuff you wouldn’t share normally on Facebook – making sure to connect everything you text back to your Facebook account.  It is the same reason they were interested in buying SnapChat for 3 billion dollars despite Snapchat being just another company that makes no money.  They want private content and they will pay anything to have it.

But to be fair, they are only playing catch up.  Google recently made it so their native messaging app integrates with the user’s Google+ account.  It is just an option but one that is promoted over and over again if you decide not to turn it on.  Imagine the ability of marketers to target users once they know what they really think during private text messaging sessions.  They’ll know and have access to what pictures users share privately with friends, what clothes they wear ( or don’t wear), how they type when mom and dad aren’t around, how they think, what they hate, what they love – most of that information has been locked behind the private walls by all but the crassest of social media users.  Now with the purchase of a texting app used by nearly half a billion people, it will be available for Facebook to use and (not) abuse.

But don’t worry, they will announce all new privacy settings!  Remember when your parents thought it was hard to program the VCR – imagine trying to get them to figure out how to set up these privacy settings properly.  The very thought is ridiculous.  If you are a WhatsApp user, you might consider the ramifications of continuing to use the service, knowing that Facebook will know all of the ins and outs of your truly private life.  Then again, maybe you’ll just let it ride.


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