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By |2011-08-08T14:45:23-05:00July 11, 2011|iPhone Reviews|

To say that TITUS is unusual may do it a disservice. Sometimes the very adjective, unusual, leads to negativity. No such thoughts should occur when loading up TITUS. Instead it is a uniquely refreshing game in a genre that is all too often, underrepresented in the App Store. For that alone, I say well done Christophe Canon, who developed the game...

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Baseball Superstars II Pro

By |2011-08-08T14:10:02-05:00July 9, 2011|iPhone Reviews|

Baseball Superstars II Pro ups the ante on an already strong iOS series. Though the game is incredibly similar to the previous iterations by GAMEVIL, it adds just enough additional features, content and modes to be worth the money regardless if you have the previous versions...

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