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Death Rally

By |2011-08-08T14:10:56-05:00April 28, 2011|iPhone Reviews|

I remember playing RC Pro Am for the NES for hours at a time when I was younger. If you aren’t familiar, it was a racing game that gave you the added ability to upgrade your vehicle with weapons, nitro, a better engine and more. It was entirely awesome. Even now I’ll open up the old NES emulator and play it...

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iPhone 5 is a Mobile Gaming Device First, Phone Second

By |2011-07-09T13:10:42-05:00March 31, 2011|Features|

iPhones have been released for the last 4 years in a row starting with the first being released in 2007 on June 29th. The 3G followed on July 11th, 2008. The 3GS continued the annual release schedule by arriving on June 19th, 2009 and the most recent iPhone, the iPhone 4, arrived in the US on June 24th, 2010. History tends to repeat itself, especially at Apple. What are the chances that the iPhone is released in June or July of 2011? Absolutely, positively 100%...

Radiohead’s King of the Limbs is Disappointing

By |2011-02-28T14:53:49-05:00February 28, 2011|Features|

Despite hearing the album in full 8-10 times, it hasn't grown on me as much as I had hoped. Radiohead's last two albums, Hail to the Thief and In Rainbows, were both great and In Rainbows in particular really added to Radiohead's legacy as amazing musicians. I don't think this album does. In fact, I would go as far as to say that The Kings of Limbs is the worst Radiohead album ever made...

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Amateur Surgeon 2

By |2011-07-10T23:00:40-05:00January 26, 2011|iPhone Reviews|

Amateur Surgeon 2 is one of the latest games from the people that create Adult Swim. It’s weird, it’s funny and kind of...icky. That all being said, it gives you the ability to practice being a doctor without going to school for 6 years and doing a 4 year residency. All you need is some household products to cut and repair and people desperate enough to use you as their surgeon.

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