HYBRID 2: Saga of Nostalgia

By |2010-08-18T08:06:38-05:00August 18, 2010|Previews|

Gamevil's second iteration of the HYBRID series has a trailer. There is just a bit of in game action shown towards the end of the short trailer. Anyone excited about this game?

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Monster Mayhem Preview for iPhone and iPod Touch

By |2010-04-29T10:28:21-05:00April 29, 2010|Previews|

hillingo announced today the super soon release of their new game, Monster Mayhem. in what can only be described as a mix between Plants vs. Zombies and guns, Monster Mayhem will need to etch out it's own area in the increasingly competitive tower defense niche. The new video below shows off the crazy looking gameplay and all of the monster types and weapons at your disposal certainly do like they will be a lot of fun to play with. Expect the game to be released in the very near future...

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Skate It Preview for the iPad

By |2010-04-15T10:48:55-05:00April 15, 2010|Previews|

The first video of EA's new skateboarding iPad Game, Skate It can be seen below. Skate It for the iPad uses the iPad's touch screen to do all of the moves you know and love on the skateboard. Watch the action and see how just a flick of your wrist will be able to make you do some pretty sweet twists and tricks...

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Plants vs. Zombies HD Preview for iPad

By |2010-04-03T10:20:13-05:00April 3, 2010|Previews|

One of our favorite games of the 2010 (a 5 out of 5 review), Plants vs. Zombies, makes it way to the iPad at release. Take a look at the information presented by the developer below. A few specific things stand out including a new minigame and updated high resolution graphics. This one is sure to be a sure fire hit as it will even be closer to the PC edition. Feel free to buy this one right away without reading or our upcoming review. I have a feeling this one will be a no-brainer, especially if you haven't already purchased the iPhone/iPod Touch version...

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3bot Preview for iPhone and iPod Touch

By |2010-03-24T16:34:43-05:00March 19, 2010|Previews, Videos|

3bot is described as a 3d action/puzzle game. Based on some of the videos, this looks like something new and unique coming to the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch in the near future. No word on when it is coming but my bet is on it likely being released on or near the release of the iPad (April 4)...

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SimCity Deluxe Preview (Now with SimCity 4 Graphics)

By |2010-03-18T15:38:55-05:00March 18, 2010|Previews|

SimCity Deluxe was announced for the iPhone/iPod Touch today. One of my all time favorite gaming franchises will feature updated graphics, smoother gameplay and a ton of new content. This will be the second time SimCity hits the App Store. It's initial release was well very well received and had millions of downloads...

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