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I'm embarrassed to say that there is a game on my iPhone that has sat there for months. Literally. I received it to review and it got accidentally thrown into a folder never to be seen again. Until now. Not only is that game worth playing but quite frankly, it's fantastic. I present to you, Quell.

Death Rally

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I remember playing RC Pro Am for the NES for hours at a time when I was younger. If you aren’t familiar, it was a racing game that gave you the added ability to upgrade your vehicle with weapons, nitro, a better engine and more. It was entirely awesome. Even now I’ll open up the old NES emulator and play it...

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Amateur Surgeon 2

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Amateur Surgeon 2 is one of the latest games from the people that create Adult Swim. It’s weird, it’s funny and kind of...icky. That all being said, it gives you the ability to practice being a doctor without going to school for 6 years and doing a 4 year residency. All you need is some household products to cut and repair and people desperate enough to use you as their surgeon.

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Deadliest Catch

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The Time Bandit, Northwestern, Wizard, Cornelia Marie and company are all on hand for Hands-On Mobile’s adaptation of Discovery Channel’s Deadliest Catch. From throwing the hook to stocking up on various bait and equipment, this takes gamers from Dutch Harbor to the freezing, unforgiving Bering Sea while on the quest for King and Opilio crab. Even though you won’t quite feel the stinging cold ocean wind, the only aspect from the series this title seems to be missing is Mike Rowe’s near-perfect narration...

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Supermarket Mania

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Does anyone remember the show Supermarket Sweep? A wholesome half hour filled with crazed people running around like a herd of wild animals through a supermarket, swiping items off the shelves while desperately loading the carts as fast as humanly possible. Supermarket Mania is almost the same thing, except you take on the stressful role of Nikki, the clerk assigned to stocking the shelves, yelling at teenagers, preventing theft, and of course, cleaning up after people when they throw garbage on the floor...

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Stick Golf HD

By |2011-07-10T23:29:31-05:00August 18, 2010|iPad Reviews|

The one word I would use to describe Stick Golf HD is addictive. I wasn’t even supposed to review this game. I had to fly for work and wanted a game just to burn some time while I was being laid over. I’m a golfer and was in a golfing mood so I figured I would see what golf games were out there that I haven’t heard of and I stumbled on Stick Golf HD. It was $2.99. Personally I get weary of games that are over $0.99. So I did a little research (like any good buyer - that’s why you’re here right?). Most of the articles I read were good and the iTunes reviews were also good, so I went for it...

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