Death Rally

By |2011-08-08T14:10:56-05:00April 28, 2011|iPhone Reviews|

I remember playing RC Pro Am for the NES for hours at a time when I was younger. If you aren’t familiar, it was a racing game that gave you the added ability to upgrade your vehicle with weapons, nitro, a better engine and more. It was entirely awesome. Even now I’ll open up the old NES emulator and play it...

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By |2011-07-10T22:59:22-05:00April 26, 2011|iPhone Reviews|

Travel back in time to ancient Asia with SteamPack’s latest title, SamuraiTale, which tosses gamers into a story of vengeance and violence in traditional beat-em-up gameplay fashion. After the sword master, Detuka is murdered by assassins from Dark Crows, the young disciple Ryugetu sets out on a mission of redemption which is steeped in blood. Armed with just a samurai sword and his thirst for revenge, Ryugetu battles his way through the swarms of enemies in true hack and slash style...

Monster Mania

By |2011-07-10T23:00:15-05:00March 30, 2011|iPhone Reviews|

Side scrolling adventure fans, start stretching out your thumbs, as Rock Pocket is here to deliver another installment of patience testing fun. Immersed deep into a misty, spooky world, it is your task to carry our slightly cute monstrous friend towards the finish line while avoiding enemies and seemingly endless amounts of pitfalls. While the graphics and sound flourish in a wonderfully Halloween-esque world, Monster Mania isn’t without a few ghoulish problems of its own...

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Civilization Wars

By |2011-07-10T23:01:53-05:00December 22, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Step into a time machine and blast off into ancient civilizations from centuries past. Arm yourself with spears and arrows to beat the enemy into submission while satisfying your thirst for complete conquest and control of the battlefield. Chillingo Ltd’s Civilizations Wars allows gamers to wage war against competing tribes while working your way North to retrieve the falling star which contains legendary knowledge and power. With a variety of scenarios, spells, and game options, this is one strategy title capable of keeping players locked in for hours on end.

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Infinity Blade

By |2011-07-10T23:02:04-05:00December 15, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Infinity Blade is the best looking game ever made for the iOS platform. If that's what you are looking for in a game, look no further. Unfortunately you’re playing in a beautiful world that you have no ability to move around in. In other words, it's an "on rails" shooter or in this case, an “on rails” slasher. You will be thrust into fight scenes with a variety of characters and your job is to kill them. Along the way you'll earn/buy better loot and level up your ability to use weapons, armor and other medieval hero accessories. It's fun, but it’s short.

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Ninja Junk Punch

By |2011-07-10T23:02:29-05:00December 7, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Does everyone remember Punch Out? The fond memories should come rushing back, as people mashed buttons for hours on end with the now dust covered NES system while struggling to take down the next opponent. Take the layout of the original boxing classic, transform it into a humorous samurai story, add in horrendous gameplay, a nonsensical training system, and enemies which are completely impossible to beat, and you’ve landed smack dab onto Ninja Junk Punch.

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