Madden NFL 11

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Perhaps no series in game history has done as much two step forward, one step back taking as the Madden football series that is released every year for nearly every system. Madden NFL 11 makes the second Madden series appearance on the iPhone and I extremely pleased to say that it does not take any steps back; instead is drives itself forward for a first down. A blend of updated graphics, dynamic ai, and realistic game play really make this a must buy for those mobile football gaming fans. It also puts to shame Gameloft’s latest attempt at a rival mobile franchise, NFL 2011...

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NFL 2011

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Gameloft's newest effort, NFL 2011, falls fall short of my expectations when it comes to progressing from the game's first iteration. That being said, can it stand on its own as a good football game in its own right despite its lack of progress since its inaugural version in 2009? Unfortunately no. This game fails as both an upgrade and a football game in quite a few ways, many of which are fixable...

NCAA Football 2010

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First of all let me clarify, this is not a review for the HD version of the game. That version is just for the iPhone 4 and has upgraded graphics. This version is will work on iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4 and iPod Touch. The HD version has been causing issues in the App Store and hasn’t been getting good reviews because of the slow, jerky graphics...

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