Burn the Rope

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Burn the Rope is a interesting game that brings the unique properties of fire to your iPhone. Fire, as an element, has been underutilized on the device. Its ability to spread is put to good effect here. To get started you touch a place on a rope and it begins burning. The trick is to burn the entire rope by physically moving your iPhone around as the fires burns upwards. While it is a unique concept, I didn't personally have a ton of fun with this one. That being said, I can see how a more casual gamer would really enjoy themselves...

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Cut the Rope

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Cut the Rope is a physics puzzlers that involve a series of increasingly complex pulleys, balloons and levers attached to rope that you must cut in a precise order in order to collect stars and reach your goal. If it sounds complex, it can be. However, casual gamers should not be scared. The progression from level to level is gradual and you have the ability to play through over 100 levels without paying for any downloadable content.

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