Death Rally

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I remember playing RC Pro Am for the NES for hours at a time when I was younger. If you aren’t familiar, it was a racing game that gave you the added ability to upgrade your vehicle with weapons, nitro, a better engine and more. It was entirely awesome. Even now I’ll open up the old NES emulator and play it...

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Rocket Racing League

By |2011-07-10T23:08:34-05:00June 23, 2010|iPhone Reviews|

Inspired by the real life group of mobile racing enthusiasts, Rocket Racing League straps players into a virtual unmanned racing unit for a wild series of twists, turns, and breakneck speeds. A departure from the futuristic and wartime dog fighting titles, this is built around more traditional racing modes such as arcade, drag, and laps. With gorgeous 3D backdrops and a pulsating soundtrack, Rocket Racing League is tough to beat for the next best high powered issue in speedy competition...


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Disney’s latest title, Split/Second delivers an experience unlike almost any Disney game before it. Like the action intense movies that have recently defined Disney's Hollywood lineup, Split/Second is exciting, fast and not necessarily made for kids. This title has the honor of being released at the same time as its console counterparts on the XBOX 360 and Playstation 3...


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Who remembers the Super Nintendo and arcade classic, F-Zero? This is what immediately bubbled up from my childhood memories as soon as I started playing Phaze, which expands upon the futuristic racing title with fast paced action along curvy tracks while snatching power ups and battling against rivals to capture first place. Fire missiles, drop bombs, and hit boosts to reach blistering speeds capable of making your eyes tear...

Truckers Delight

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Like reliving the games of the past in all of their pixilated glory? If so, Trucker's Delight may be for you (or maybe not). In the same vein as Outrun or any other racing game from the late 80's/early 90's comes the newest game from Mobigame. Truckers delight has one twist to the standard driving/racing game - your character is set in hot pursuit of a very attractive girl who flipped him off after he made an advance...

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