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Word jumble mania! While it’s certainly not an entirely fresh concept, Drewse concocted their own little spin on a nearly timeless classic puzzle format, along with a couple of twists and turns. There’s something to be said for inexpensive, straightforward titles, and Jumbled hits the mark as far as world puzzles go. Sure, there might already be an avalanche of similar games, but this isn’t just a rehash of Hangman or a crossword puzzle, but something pretty entertaining...

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Slap Word

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Slap Word is basically an 11 level word search game without rules when it comes to making a word. You can go forward, backwards, and diagonal. This is starting to sound like the Wonkavator (Editor: For those not in the know, that’s Willy Wonka’s magical elevator). You can go in any direction at any time as long as the letters are connected (this isn’t entirely true but for the sake of the game it is). You can even jump over letters you have already used. It’s honestly a no holds barred word search game...


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Wurd is a spelling and vocabulary game.  Basically it shows you a word and it asks you whether it is correctly spelled or not.  Of course it also requires that you have an in depth knowledge of some of the most obscure words in the English language.  For me, I'm the kind of guy that likes that kind of thing.  For most, it is a literary nightmare...

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Captain Glyph

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Captain Glyph is a word game where you must find words ranging from 3 to 7 letters long. The letters you must use to make words are located on wooden crates that fall from the top of the screen. When letters are adjacent to each other and can spell out a word, simply touch and drag in the spelling order. Keep in mind that you can touch and drag in any direction as long as it is in spelling order...

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